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Frequently Asked Questions About Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

faq waynesboro paAs a professional heating and air conditioning company in Waynesboro, Bowie's Climate Control 72 Degrees is here to help our customers with a wide range of exceptional heating and cooling services and solutions, including the advice they need when they have questions about their HVAC equipment. We've answered some of the most frequently asked HVAC questions in our FAQ below, so don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see your question. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you.

When is the best time to have my heating equipment serviced?

We recommend to have a home Heating Tune UP done just before you're going to need to turn on your heater for the season. A fall tune up will prepare your furnace, boiler, or heat pump for the winter. Just remember, though, it's never too late to have one done.

What's the best way to improve my indoor air quality?

There are many different ways to improve your indoor air quality, from getting your air ducts cleaned and changing your HVAC filter regularly to using a portable air cleaner or installing a whole-house air cleaner. By the time you move a portable to the next room to be treated, the air in the room you just treated is already getting contaminated again. The best method is to combine duct cleaning and the regular HVAC filter change with the installation of a whole-home air cleaner.

What thermostat setting do you recommend for the most energy saving during the summer?

To save as much energy as possible is the highest priority for many of our customers while others are concerned about both comfort and energy savings. The best answer we could give you about what thermostat setting to use for the most energy saving during the summer would be no lower than 72 degrees. It really depends on your own personal heat tolerance level. Although more rare, some people prefer a warmer temperature of 76 to 78 degrees while others would love to take it down to 68 degrees. What can you comfortably tolerate? We'd say set it at the highest temperature you and your family can personally tolerate. ways to lower the energy my HVAC system uses? Yes! To make sure your HVAC system isn't wasting energy, be sure to keep up with the maintenance so it runs as efficiently as possible. Make sure the ventilation and air ducts are properly sealed and insulated. Check for cracks and weatherproof the exterior windows and doors of your home. Consider using thermal lined drapes or other insulating window treatments. The goal is to keep as much of the treated air inside your house where it belongs.

How long does a gas furnace usually last?

On average, a gas furnace would last between 15 to 30 years. Do you notice that 30 years is twice as long as 15? This wide gap in the average lifespan of a furnace isn't necessarily because of the make and model but more to do with how much maintenance is given to the equipment during its service life. Keep up with the regular maintenance in order to get the maximum ROI from your new gas furnace.

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