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Bang, Rattle, Clank: Sounds That Your Comfort Systems Make

air conditioning tune-ups waynesboro paIf you've ever jumped out of your skin at the sound of your furnace rattling or your air conditioner clanking, you know that sounds coming from your comfort systems are not pleasant and that the source of the noise should be repaired swiftly. Sounds coming from your heating and air conditioning systems can indicate big problems, so having a reputable Greencastle heating and air conditioning contractor perform the appropriate repairs is wise. Heating and air conditioning repairs can be tricky if you don't have extensive knowledge about the system, so seek professional help if you need a diagnosis or repair.

Air Conditioner Sounds

  • Continuous Clicking – Could be caused by the control panel or compressor and usually indicates that your thermostat is malfunctioning
  • Clanking or Banging – Results from loose motor mounts, an unbalanced indoor blower, or a loose part inside the blower, motor, or compressor
  • Buzzing – Can be caused by many complications, including a dirty air filter, a damaged fan motor, or unbalanced fan blades
  • Thwapping – Suggests that there is an object affecting the blower as it rotates or an object lodged in the blower blades

Heating System Sounds

  • Kettling – Created by lime scale and sludge accumulation
  • Gurgling – Produced by air trapped in the radiator
  • Dripping – Suggests leaking in the heating system, deteriorated boiler parts, or high pressure
  • Furnace Sounds

    • Rattling – Produced by a leak or crack in the heat exchanger or loose panels or screws
    • Banging or Loud Boom – Could suggest a gas buildup complication that could crack the heat exchanger, a dangerous situation which requires a costly repair
    • Rumbling – Generated by a pilot light that needs adjustment or dirty gas burners
    • Scraping or Clanking – Created when metal grinds against metal and could suggest a problem with the blower wheel or fan

    You may get used to the sounds originating from your heating and air conditioning systems, but in order to avoid expensive repairs and startling your guests, contact Bowie's Climate Control 72 Degrees, a trusted heating and air conditioning contractor in Greencastle.

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