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Enhancing Indoor Air Quality with HVAC Services & Products

When it comes to improving indoor air quality in Waynesboro, PA and the surrounding areas, you won't find a more dedicated heating and air conditioning company than Bowie's Climate Control 72 Degrees. Our experts offer a variety of services and products geared toward helping our customers clean up their home's indoor air, making for a healthier, happier home. Let us show you all the great solutions we have for improving your home's indoor air quality - give us a call today to get started!

Air Cleaners

air cleaners waynesboro paAny contaminants or pollutants in your home's air can have negative effects on the health of your family. Modern homes are built to be as energy efficient as possible, which means that they're very tightly sealed so that no air travels in or out - which is great for energy efficiency! But not so much for indoor air quality. ust imagine all the air pollutants that get trapped inside your home's HVAC system, recirculating time and time again...from pollen to dust to pet dander and bacteria. Fight back with a whole house air cleaner installed by our experts, and start breathing cleaner air!

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humidifiers waynesboro paOur company offers a great selection of portable and whole-house humidifiers to help increase the moisture level of indoor air for added comfort. The air in many Waynesboro area homes can become very dry, but humidifiers replace the moisture in your home's air to ensure that your home is as healthy and comfortable as possible. Proper humidity levels indoors can also help you save money on heating costs.

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Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning waynesboro paHaving dirty ducts also has a huge and negative effect on your indoor air quality. Most people spend around 90% of their lives indoors, so making sure the air in your home isn't filled with harmful elements should be a priority. The indoor air in your home could be more harmful than anything you'll encounter outside of your home. The best way to take care of this is with regular duct cleanings from our heating and air conditioning service experts. Our duct cleaning service will get rid of dust, pollen, pet dander and more from your HVAC system's ductwork!

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If you are looking for a heating and air conditioning company that offers indoor air quality services in the Waynesboro area, please call Bowie's Climate Control 72 Degrees at 717-762-7200 or complete our online request form.

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